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Going, going, gone… that is the state of heritage in Australia 2013 where all forms of government both local and state are combining to push through inappropriate development with total lack of public consultation and complete disregard for social, environmental and heritage impacts. This has to stop, there is too much to lose, and we as residents are the only ones who can fight it. At the very least, I would like to show people what we are losing, week by week, as our suburbs are ingloriously stripped of their heritage treasures, instead becoming monotonous concrete beds of overdeveloped units and overcrowded consumerist vacuums of non-culture. The current trend is unsustainable, it is purely profit driven for the short term goals of developers and political interests. The people come last, heritage is all but forgotten. things have to change dramatically.

My name is Andrew and I started this blog in June 2012 in response to the proposed demolition of a heritage building ‘No.47’, but there are so many cases before and since that warrant our attention. The leaders of our governments are failing repulsively, selling out to developer lobby groups who destroy our lifestyles while lining their own pockets. I am based in Sydney NSW Australia but try to cover areas beyond, as these issues are starting to affect us all. I am primarily concerned with the preservation of heritage buildings, and education of heritage values, to improve the levels of protection and awareness that these significant community assets deserve.

The first thing you can do is follow this site, as I update regularly. Then you can leave comments, the more the better, that’s why we are here, for discussion. If you have any leads or stories you would like to see covered do not hesitate to email. You can contact me on inheritance@tpg.com.au. All material is copyright and opinion of the author only.



Built 1929-1933…



No 47 013

lost June 2013.

9 responses to “About Inheritance”

  1. lyn says :

    I agree we will have nothing left soon overseas can preserve heritage buildings for thousand of year we cant even keep anything for 200 years

  2. TONY COOTE says :

    Terrific site Andrew – I’d love to know more about you.

    You may be interested in looking at The Hunters Hill Trust’s submission on the White Paper at http://huntershilltrust.org.au/2013/06/why-hht-cant-support-the-new-planning-system-proposed-for-nsw/


    Tony Coote

  3. Karen says :

    It is time it stopped,
    Before it is ALL GONE !!!!

  4. Justin Parry-Okeden says :

    We are currently fighting our local council (Hunters Hill Council) who have removed the heritage protection on a property in our neighbourhood so that it’s value can be increased as a development opportunity. Surprise, surprise – 2 weeks later they have chosen to sell it to a developer in a backroom closed door deal who wants to demolish the building.

  5. Maggie Craze says :

    Hi Andrew,

    I was horrified to see the pictures above. I hate seeing beautiful houses being demolished and replaced with ugly mc mansions! There is a lot going on at the moment. Just wondering if I could pick your brain for info. I would like to look into the historical significance, if any, of my home however I would not know where to start. Thanking you in anticipation. Maggie

  6. Teresa. K says :

    In the Catechism of The Catholic Church, ARTICLE 7 – THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT -You Shall Not Steal, – RESPECT FOR PERSONS AND THEIR GOODS it states;

    2409 – Paragraph 2; “The following are also morally illicit: speculation in which one contrives to manipulate the price of goods artificially in order to gain an advantage to the detriment of others; corruption in which one influences the judgment of those who must make decisions according to law: appropriation and use for private purposes of the common goods of enterprise; work poorly done; tax evasion; forgery of checks and invoices; excessive expenses and waste. Willfully damaging private or public property is contrary to the moral law and requires reparation.”

    Wouldn’t you agree that Article 7 does highlight what is really occurring, right now, in the Sutherland Shire, St George area, and the entire Sydney expanse?

    At the expense of; corrupt Council Mayors, avaricious Developers, and to some extent, the very owners, who sell their homes to developers, Sydney men, women and our children are losing our rich “inheritance.” Sydney IS losing its majestic heritage homes, cosey and private family homes, and its tree-lined streets, that are subtlety representative of how Australia came to be where she is today.at this very second, at this very moment. in History!

    The Australian Government may lack CONVICTION in ITSELF, but My FATHER and MOTHER did not
    “…toil with Hearts and Hands;
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
    renowned of all the lands:” They did this through living Honest lives and dedicating themselves to raising decent children who would become decent citizens.

    Even though my parents were;
    “…those who’ve come across the seas,”
    my parents humbly and graciously accepted
    a portion of Australia’s “boundless plains to share,”
    My Father and Mother raised a large family of Honest, Decent, God-Fearing and Loving, Men and Women, who would be robust in character, in order to carry on those same moral beliefs that they handed onto us.
    Australia provided my parent with a safe place to live. My Father bought our final and only family home in the Sutherland Shire in the 70’s. I grew up in a modest home with trees everywhere i.e the front and back garden. The street was quiet and safe, therefore it was a safe place to play in with the other children who lived there. I felt free, happy, but most importantly SAFE as a child. I hate to think how I may have become had I been raised in a unit or in a home where to experience nature you had to drive 15km to the nearest National Park. There is a profound reason for the saying.”HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.”
    That is why I am uniting with all the good, decent, honest people who have e-mailed their concern of over-development to the “INHERITANCE” website.

  7. Narelle Knight says :

    Hello Andrew. I wonder if you are aware of the current situation regarding the Avoca Beach Theatre development application and that submissions are currently being accepted until Nov 11th 2016. Submissions can be made through Gosford Council’s website. This is part of a mediation process between Gosford Council and the Avoca Theatre development applicants.

  8. Jenna Reed Burns says :

    Your introduction above, written in 2013, is still as valid today as it was then. Here in Glebe, NSW, local residents are currently fighting the demolition of the Bidura Children’s Court, a major civic building in the Brutalist style, built by the now disbanded (by the current NSW government) Government Architect’s Office.The building features on local and overseas websites, and has just been listed by the National Trust and added to the Significant Buildings Register of the Australian Institute of Architects. The main reason for the listings was the way the building was carefully designed to fit into its urban context, surrounded as it is by small Victorian terrace houses. Yet it does not overshadow or overlook these houses, nor the Colonial Regency house at the front of the site. Now a developer wants to pull it down and erect another modern tower block on the site. Enough already! Let’s consider the environment, as well as heritage. It’s far better to adapt and reuse the building than pull it down.

    • inheritanceorg says :

      Thanks Jenna. I would recommend, if you have not already, to join our Facebook group Disappearing Sydney and post about the BCC to publicize the issue further. The more that see it the better. thanks, Andew

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