Sydney Open is a bi-annual celebration held by Historic Houses Trust and one of the best days to stroll through the city and take a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most revered and loved buildings. Held over a whole weekend in November, the event consists of one day of Focus Tours encompassing some very special buildings and places, such as The Tank Stream and the QVB dome, both of which I was lucky enough to visit this time round, as well as a general pass on Sunday allowing access to 50 famous Sydney sites. From the classic to the ultra-modern, Sydney Open gives the public a chance to get to know their city intimately, go behind normally closed doors and look at some of the workings inside private spaces such as 1 Bligh St and the Sydney Hilton, and public institutions such as Parliament House and The Sydney Hospital. This is a day for engaging with architecture, people and history, the things that make our city what it is. Of course everybody’s day will be their own individual experience, with most punters happy to cram in as much as they possibly can before falling in a heap at 5pm closing time. And of course there’s the views; Many of these secret places command magnificent and unusual vistas over the city, from Level 7 at David Jones looking over Hyde Park, to the sky-high playground of those lucky kids at St Andrews Cathedral School, to the harbour views from the top of Deutsche Bank Place, so much to take in over one weekend!

All photos by Inheritance 2012.


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4 responses to “SYDNEY OPEN 2012 – THE KEYS TO THE CITY”

  1. Dorothy Warwick says :

    Love the photos!

  2. Dorothy Warwick says :

    Do you have printed ‘guide’ of the places you visited? Would love to follow in your footsteps ………………………

    • inheritanceorg says :

      No, I should’ve labelled the pictures but I didn’t think anyone would be really interested… The main sites for the photos were: QVB and dome, St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Hong Kong house, Challenger Workspace and BVN Studios (architectural firm), David Jones on Level 7, 1 Bligh St, Government House, Sydney Hospital, AWA Tower. All nice buildings. Thanks for your comments.

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