HUG A TREE DAY at Wolli Creek

Wolli Creek Regional Park is an important green corridor within the congested south western area of Sydney. The nature reserve was saved by the concerted efforts of residents who fought valiantly to get the impending M5 east motorway put underground rather than push through the endangered bushland, thereby preserving the area as one of the most in tact stretches of riparian wilderness in Sydney, containing open woodland, pockets of rainforest, saltmarsh and mangroves, as well as extensive bird life and wildlife, native fish stocks and thousands of flying foxes.

The bushland is a credit to the tireless work of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society and a valuable gift to the people of southern Sydney, where open space is at a premium. But parts of the reserve, including tall areas of rainforest and stands of mature trees are under threat once more, by a state government proposal to expand the M5 east motorway, and accomplishing this by cutting into the remnant forest rather than building underground.

As a response, the society held its ‘Hug a Tree’ day on Sunday 29th July, inviting people to come and visit the park, and cuddle up to the wooded giants before they are potentially lost forever. The trees were decorated with vivid eye-catching fabrics to draw attention to their plight, and give everyone a chance to recognise what the loss of such a dynamic and important valley for the sake of yet another crowded motorway would mean.
Long live the trees of Wolli Creek!

Click here to visit the Wolli Creek Preservation Society.

Photos by Inheritance.

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