This is what they do in other cities… They are turning Berlin’s now defunct Templehof airport into a giant playground for the city’s residents. If this was Sydney it would become units, units, and more units with a small open strip (note Barangaroo and the CUB brewery site). Well done Berlin, thanks for showing the way…


Photo essay dedicated to a one-of-a-kind location: Berlin’s Tempelhof airport.

Or: what you get if you make an airport in the middle of a city, then take out all the airplanes, and then let the people run wild.

































































This is Berlin’s Tempelhof, which can be easily googled for hard facts. Today it is as it was when closed down, several years ago. a massive semi-circular building now sits, apparently mostly unused, on one side of the airfield. But it is the goings-on inside, that really make…

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